In 2017 H&J Hospitality added a new property to their collection of event locations, the Lansing Events Center. This property will house the H&J Hospitality corporate offices and will be one of Ithaca’s premier outdoor event facilities.  After extensive renovations, this property will begin hosting events in the spring of 2018.


                                                                            Facility Rates

Facility Rates

Food and Beverage Minimums

The following food and beverage minimums are required (prior to sales tax and 20% service charge) to reserve any of our spaces.  Please consult with your Catering and Sales Manager for required minimums.

Exclusive Use

 Saturdays: $15,000

Fridays and Sundays: $9,000

Inside Dining Room/Patio/Deck

Saturdays: $7,500

Friday or Sundays: $6,000

Tented Lawn

  Saturdays: $12,000

 Friday or Sundays: $10,000