How far in advance should I book my event?

Events can be booked at any time assuming we have the availability but we recommend that you reserve space at our on-site venues (Emerson Park Pavilion, Geneva Events Center and Ithaca Yacht Club) 12-18 months in advance.  Full-service catering is usually reserved 6-9 months in advance but we've certainly booked events with a lot less notice.  If you're interested in bar services for an off-site event, we need a minimum of 30 days to apply for the proper permits

Do you have a liquor license? Wouldn't it be cheaper to do our own bar?

Yes, all of our onsite venues have permanent liquor licenses and we are able to apply for a one-day license for any off-site event.  Bringing in your own alcohol at any of our on-site venues is strictly prohibited.   Although purchasing and serving your own alcohol for off-site events can be more cost-effective, logistics and liability wise it's a big risk.  By allowing H&J Hospitality to handle both the food and the bar service at your event you and your guests will enjoy  seamless  service without having to worry about the consequences if someone over indulges.  All of our managers are TIPS trained and certified in proper alcohol service.  Plus, you don't have to worry about the logistic challenges of glassware, ice, transportation, recycling, etc...

My niece is gluten-free, can you accommodate her?

We can accommodate almost any dietary restriction, including by not limited to: gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, lactose intolerance, peanut allergies and more.  On the very rare occurrence that we cannot accommodate a guest with severe allergies, we will allow them to bring in their own meal.   

Do I have to make a deposit?

Yes, a deposit and contract is required for all events.  At our onsite venues, the deposit is equal to the associated facility charges.  For off-site catering the deposit is equal to 25% of the estimated charges.  Your Catering Sales Manager will be able to give you a more specific amount once they review the details of your event with you.

Do you offer tastings?

Absolutely!!! Tastings can be scheduled at any time during your planning process but we recommend 4-6 months before your event.  We strongly encourage customers to try and schedule tastings during the off season (Nov-April), but realize that sometimes your schedule may not allow for that.  If you need to schedule a tasting during the spring and summer months, please contact us at your earliest convenience to arrange an appointment.  Schedules fill up VERY fast May-October so we can't guarantee that we'll have availability during peak season.

Do you allow outside caterers?

As the exclusive operator of the Emerson Park Pavilion, Geneva Events Center and Ithaca Yacht Club- outside caterers are not permitted.  You may choose your own dessert purveyor (cake, cupcakes, gelato, etc...) but they have to be licensed and properly insured. 

How many events can you cater at once?

We want to ensure that you have great service and delicious food so generally speaking, we will limit the number of events to 5 or 6 on any given day, (depending on guest counts and other factors). Exceptions are made a couple times a year, ie: Cornell Reunion Weekend, for this is our rule of thumb.